The Leebre Editor

The ultimate book editor.
Now on your desktop.

Cross platform.

Will support Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX from day 1!

Due to basis in HTML5 and web technology, an android port is possible as a future addition.


Plug-in architecture to allow rapid extension to other types of document editing. For example, we plan on releasing Syntax highlighting, for authoring programming books, and LaTeX-style equation editing, for the domain of math or science, as add-ons soon after the Editor's release.

Instant publishing.

Total integration with Leebre's website, so you can publish your work to the world in one click.

Open source.

Free/libre and open source forever. Never worry about subscription fees, corporations invading your privacy, or sneaky Terms of Service that lock you in and take away your ownership of your work.

Coming summer 2014!