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Peter is a generally awesome guy from some mysterious place in the Midwestern United States. Peter enjoys road trips, writing, arguing about politics, free software, and most of all, free beer.


Peter Zanon published the fantasy book Migrations and Other Stories

To this day, whenever I smell burning tires in moist night air, that sequence flashes to me. The sequence: I hear a thump! and turn. The man's body slams against the hood. Slides up it. Then rolls back down. It could have been a physics demonstration: up the...


Irina Rempt published the science fiction book The Cat Came Back

A not-very-serious science fiction story. With a cat, aliens and a Woman in Black who doesn't actually belong to the Men in Black.


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Irina Rempt was born, learned to write, and once she could, never stopped. She has one husband and three daughters and a couple of almost-finished novels.


Rebecca Carvalho published the fantasy book Daphne's Book

Daphne Chase is a literary prodigy. She becomes a published author at the age of twelve with a short story collection titled DAPHNE'S BOOK: witty remarks by a young girl. If only the short stories really were short stories. They were Daphne's personal notes,...


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Brazilian writer living in Porto Alegre. Fan of introverted, creative characters. Rebecca writes YA, NA, MG novels, children's books, and creative nonfiction.

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Trevor Michael Mouw published the young adult book Light As A Feather

Being the youngest of four sons is difficult when you’re overweight and have absolutely no telekinetic powers. Twelve year old Lud Compograv can’t lift his school desk off the ground with his mind. If he waves his chubby hand at a book, it won’t levitate and...


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The six months 'grace period' you get after college is meant to be used for job hunting, but instead Mr. Mouw used that time to write this book. He has a job now, as an English teacher in Iowa, but still considers those months after college as well spent.


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