The Passion Fire of Oz, Part 1: Shadows Under Oz

by Mike Conway

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Following the events of Glinda of Oz, Princess Ozma experiences horrible nightmares of impending death and destruction of her beloved fairy country. Despite the comfort of her best friend, Dorothy Gale, and her other companions, Ozma can't shake the feeling that something bad truly is coming. Below Oz, a demon of shadow works to destroy an artifact called the Passion Fire, an eternal flame giving people of both Oz and Earth the desire to live, work, and love. Meanwhile, Polychrome, the Rainbow's daughter, has found herself stranded again, but this time, there is a drought in Oz, and there's no telling when the rains might come back, bringing her father with them. However, she finds comfort in the company of Na'iya, a strange young man that stirs new feelings in her. As the Passion Fire dies, people leave their jobs and even their lovers. Emerald City noble Lye Ten Opp is the first to notice, but the rest of Oz is soon to see their desires wane and life come to a halt. What can Ozma do in the face of this new danger? Shadows Under Oz is the first of three serialized parts of the novel The Passion Fire of Oz. Not a trilogy, but three bite-sized parts. NOTE: While this is based upon the Oz books by L. Frank Baum, this work contains language and suggestive (but non-explicit) material meant for older teens to adults.

Mike Conway

Mike Conway (born 1974) is a born lover of fantasy. Raised in Wyoming, Mike spent many hours visiting countless other worlds in the books he read, revisiting Oz...


Genre: Fantasy.

Tagged with fairy-tale demons-of-shadow oz romance action

Released in June 2013.

Content note: Adult: May contain mature subject matter.


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Creative Commons by license. This book was released by Mike Conway under a Creative Commons License.