Migrations and Other Stories

by Peter Zanon

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To this day, whenever I smell burning tires in moist night air, that sequence flashes to me. The sequence: I hear a thump! and turn. The man's body slams against the hood. Slides up it. Then rolls back down. It could have been a physics demonstration: up the slope, then down. Kevin was driving. I had shotgun. He slammed on the brakes. But it was too late. I vaguely recall curses shooting out of Kevin's mouth. I vaguely recall opening the door and stepping out, my head dizzy from adrenaline. I had to get out, the car felt too small. Reality came into focus when Kevin shut the car door behind me, put the car into reverse, backed up ten feet, then slammed it and sped off.

Peter Zanon

Peter is a generally awesome guy from some mysterious place in the Midwestern United States. Peter enjoys road trips, writing, arguing about politics, free...


Genre: Fantasy.

Tagged with magic-realism alienation weird-fiction surreal dream

Released in June 2013.


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Creative Commons by-sa license. This book was released by Peter Zanon under a Creative Commons License.

Cover artwork was first created by vonderauvisuals on Flickr and released under this license.