Light As A Feather

by Trevor Michael Mouw

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Being the youngest of four sons is difficult when you’re overweight and have absolutely no telekinetic powers. Twelve year old Lud Compograv can’t lift his school desk off the ground with his mind. If he waves his chubby hand at a book, it won’t levitate and open to the page he wants, it just sits there. Worst of all, no matter how closely Lud looks, his arms don’t show a trace of scar tissue. For the past two years, while normal kids developed the power to move objects with a focused mind and a swing of an arm, Lud slouched in the back row, hoping nobody would notice him and ask the question he feared: Is Lud Compograv just a late bloomer, or is he a Feather? His brothers have the power, loads of it, and use every moment to remind him. After his oldest brother lifts himself, destroying the traditional limits of the power, trouble soon steps into their little village. Lud and his brothers begin a journey much farther than they ever imagined, involving talking beasts, thick-skinned body guards, and a very peppy princess. But when everyone begins to show their true colors, Lud discovers he may be more significant than he wanted.

Trevor Michael Mouw

The six months 'grace period' you get after college is meant to be used for job hunting, but instead Mr. Mouw used that time to write this book. He has a job...


Genre: Young adult.

Tagged with young-adult lud middle-grade fantasy compograv telekinesis

Released in June 2013.


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Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. This book was released by Trevor Michael Mouw under a Creative Commons License.