Daphne's Book

by Rebecca Carvalho

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Daphne Chase is a literary prodigy. She becomes a published author at the age of twelve with a short story collection titled DAPHNE'S BOOK: witty remarks by a young girl. If only the short stories really were short stories. They were Daphne's personal notes, neatly written in a diary her father -- famous, eccentric author Abelard Chase -- mistook for her composition notebook and handed it to his publisher. She could do nothing about it. It was better to let her father and the world believe all of it was fiction, instead of letting them know what they had in their hands were her secrets. Six years later, Daphne starts a new life at college. She wants to once and for all escape her past, but to her surprise ends up having to live in an inn for students with an old high school acquaintance, Ben Wallace. Ben does not only represent a memory from home, but their mutual crush on each other brings more trouble, jealousy and distractions to her life than she was expecting to find. When a shadow approaches her with a deal, she accepts it: in exchange of her love, he says he will help her write a masterpiece. He introduces himself as Creativity, the guide of promising artists. She calls him Apollo, and he shows her that there is no limit to imagination. Apollo believes, however, that a successful writer can only spring from solitude. Although all Daphne wants is to write a masterpiece, she can't imagine her life without Ben around. When Apollo starts taking away the people she loves the most in reprisal for her disobedience, Daphne has to decide between fighting to keep the people who still remain in her life, or staying loyal to this entity that can give her a book so good it will erase DAPHNE'S BOOK from people's memory.

Rebecca Carvalho

Brazilian writer living in Porto Alegre. Fan of introverted, creative characters. Rebecca writes YA, NA, MG novels, children's books, and creative nonfiction.


Genre: Fantasy.

Tagged with creativity writer daydreaming surreal

Released in June 2013.

Content note: Adult: May contain mature subject matter.


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Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. This book was released by Rebecca Carvalho under a Creative Commons License.

Cover artwork was first created by Dan Foy and released under this license.